September 2023

Lecture series by the University of Bremen and Eisenführ Speiser

Since 2021, the University of Bremen and Eisenführ Speiser have been offering the lecture series "Patents, Industrial Property Rights and Intellectual Property". Since then, students of technical and scientific degree programmes have been able to choose the module as a qualification in the Master's programme.

This year, the lecture series was not held at the university, but at Eisenführ Speiser's office in Bremen. A total of 19 students received insights into patent, design, trade mark and employee invention law in several lectures before taking a written examination.

At the "half-time" of the lecture series, Eisenfuhr Speiser invited the participants to a "get-together" on the roof terrace of the law firm.

Participating lecturers were Dr Holger Veenhuis (chair), Dr Alexandra Möller, Jochen Unland, Dr Ingo Schöling, Klaus Göken, Harald Förster, Dr Christian Hanses and Dr Andreas Ebert-Weidenfeller.

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