April 2020

Eisenführ Speiser provides temporary IP administration services

Innovation has been a top priority at Eisenführ Speiser from the very beginning. As regards the digitization of office processes, we consider ourselves – a mixed practice of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law – as pioneers among German IP firms. Since 2011, all office processes in the “Smart IP Office” have been running completely digitally, from mail processing to file management. Since 2014, Eisenführ Speiser has also been offering clients the option of electronic access to all their IP-related correspondence in the firm’s files, thereby significantly reducing their own amount of documentation. In this innovative environment, new forms of cooperation are being developed, the exchange of documents with patent offices and courts is accelerated and the cross-location organization and cooperation within the firm is strengthened.

Eisenführ Speiser can also support clients’ IP departments in coping with unforeseen staff shortages or technical bottlenecks at short notice. For example, Eisenführ Speiser recently took over the temporary representation of a sub-portfolio of a client’s intellectual property rights before the relevant offices. Manuel Söldenwagner, Partner at the firm’s Munich office, explains: "Thanks to our fully electronic office processes and our staff, who are specifically trained and experienced in IP administration, we are able to compensate for our clients’ IP administration bottlenecks at short notice. In the current situation, we are thus also making a contribution to ensuring that our clients can implement their current social distancing measures without worrying about any losses of rights. Once the measures have been lifted, the administration can be returned to the client’s hands if required".

Your contacts at Eisenführ Speiser will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this range of services.

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