April 2020

Eisenführ Speiser – Getting through the Corona crisis together

Protecting health and maintaining a full working capacity are challenges for companies these days. Precisely because of the physical distances that must now be maintained, it is all the more important to take care of the well-being, concerns and needs of employees. To this end, Eisenführ Speiser maintains open and transparent communication on how the company is dealing with the challenges of the Corona crisis by means of regular e-mails, video messages, telephone conversations or in person (with the necessary safe distance). The health protection measures were immediately accepted at all four locations of our firm. The ability to work was guaranteed by a flexible mix of presence work and home office, which is oriented towards the needs of the employees. A central message from the management: It is the declared aim to preserve every workplace. As things stand at present, we expect to achieve this goal.

The community in our company has been strengthened in these times of crisis, as shown by the following feedback to the management:

“Thank you very much for the fantastic crisis communication over the last few weeks. Without exception, I have received positive feedback, also from the team, which I am naturally happy to pass on. Everyone feels well informed and is aware of how difficult these very uncertain times are, especially for you, in trying to get through it successfully. It is almost universally reported that acquaintances or family members remark that their employers show considerably less care and prudence and that there is a lack, above all, of a transparent explanation of the reasons for the decisions and actions of the management.”

Encouraging feedback like this strengthens us in our chosen path. We are convinced that it will be much easier to get through the crisis as a team - albeit while being distanced from each other.

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