March 2023

Eisenführ Speiser at the Physics Job Fair of the DPG Spring Conference in Hanover

As part of the Physics Job Fair at the DPG (German Physical Society) Spring Conference in Hanover, graduate physicist Dr. Holger Veenhuis will give a lecture entitled "Physik trifft Recht - eine Karriere als Patentanwalt". In it, he will explain why he decided to train as a patent attorney after his work as a scientist, how this exactly works and what exciting challenges he faces every day in his professional life. After the lecture, participants will have the opportunity to talk to Holger Veenhuis personally.
The lecture "Physik trifft Recht - eine Karriere als Patentanwalt" will take place on 7 March 2023 from 11.30 a.m. at the University of Hannover, Welfenschloss, Room F435. Further information on the lecture and the job fair can be found here.

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