A strong team for the unitary patent

New opportunities and requirements

The new Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) offer many new possibilities for the protection of technical inventions and for their enforcement. New are not only application and defence strategies for the new Unitary Patent. What is also new is that enforcement of Unitary Patents and conventional European Patents (EP) is now possible throughout Europe in the new court system of the UPC. This also creates new challenges, both in enforcement and in defending against it.

Our UPC team

Infringement and nullity proceedings before the UPC are more intertwined than before German courts. Extremely short deadlines require a well-coordinated team of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law. Eisenführ Speiser is well equipped to meet this challenge with all attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys admitted to the UPC.

Our international network

We rely on a tried and tested network and cooperate with the best IP law firms in the EU member states participating in the new system, such as France, the Netherlands, Italy or Sweden.

Our services

Eisenführ Speiser advises and represents you on all questions and issues relating to the new Unitary Patent and the UPC:

  • Enforcement of Unitary Patents and European Patents before the UPC
  • Defence against actions before the UPC
  • Invalidity proceedings before the UPC, either before the central chamber or as counterclaim in infringement proceedings
  • Opt-Out and Opt-In strategies
  • Protection and filing strategies with regard to Unitary Patent/EP
  • Consideration of the Unitary Patent and the UPC in the drafting of IP contracts (licence, development, transfer contracts, etc.)

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