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Eisenführ Speiser Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB

Bremen office
Am Kaffee-Quartier 3
28217 Bremen Germany
Tel +49 421 3635-0
Fax +49 421 3378788

Munich office
Gollierstraße 4
80339 Munich Germany
Tel +49 89 549075-0
Fax +49 89 55027555

Berlin office 
Stralauer Platz 34
10243 Berlin Germany
Tel +49 30 841887-0
Fax +49 30 841887-77

Hamburg office
Johannes-Brahms-Platz 1
20355 Hamburg Germany
Tel +49 40 309744-0
Fax +49 40 309744-44

If you wish to send us an urgent message or comply with a deadline, please ensure that we have definitely received your email or fax message.

Eisenführ Speiser Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB is a partnership with limited professional liability established under the German Partnerships Act (Partnerschaftsgesellschaftsgesetz – PartGG).


  • Lars Birken - Managing Partner
  • Rainer Böhm
  • Christine Cirl
  • Julian Eberhardt - Managing Partner
  • Ludger Eckey
  • Fabian Fegers
  • Harald Förster
  • Rainer Fritsche
  • Klaus Göken
  • Joachim von Oppen
  • Sönke Scheltz
  • Ingo Schöling
  • Manuel Söldenwagner
  • Uwe Stilkenböhmer
  • Holger Veenhuis
  • Max von Vopelius
  • Stefan Wiethoff


Registered in the Partnerships Register
Registry court: Bremen Local Court
Registration no.: PR 30


VAT identification number in accordance with Section 27 (a) of the VAT Act:

Attorney admissions:

All the patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law who work for the partnership have been admitted to their profession under the laws of Germany.

The competent supervisory authorities for German patent attorneys and European patent attorneys, as well as for European trademark and design attorneys are as follows:

  • Patentanwaltskammer (Patent Attorneys Association), Tal 29, 80331 München, Germany,
  • epi – Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office, Bayerstrasse 83, 80335 München, Germany,

The patent attorneys are members of the Patentanwaltskammer (association of patent attorneys) in Munich and – if recognised as professional representative before the European Patent Office – of the epi in Munich.

The attorneys within the firm are members of the law societies at their respective locations. The respective law societies act as supervisory bodies:

Professional regulation

The following professional regulations apply:

Patent attorneys


  • BORA
    Professional Code of Conduct for Attorneys-at-Law (Berufsordnung der Rechtsanwälte)
  • BRAO
    Federal Regulations for Attorneys-at-Law (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung)
  • FAO
    Regulations governing Specialist Attorneys (Fachanwaltsordnung)
  • RVG
    Federal Regulations Governing Attorneys Fees (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz)
  • EuRAG
    Law on the Activities of European Lawyers in Germany as of 09.03.2000 (BGBl. I p. 182)
  • CCBE
    Professional rules for attorneys in the European Union

These regulations and codes of conduct can be viewed on the website of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (German Law Society) at

Extra-judicial arbitration services:

In the event of disputes between attorneys and their clients, there is the option to settle the matter extra-judicially at the regional law societies (under Section 73 (2) No. 3 in combination with Section 73 (5) of the Federal Regulations for Attorneys, BRAO) or at the arbitration body of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (German Law Society) (Section 191f BRAO), which can be found on the Internet at the website of the German Law Society

Consumer dispute resolution:

The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform can be found under

Eisenführ Speiser Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB is neither legally obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before consumer dispute resolution bodies according to the VSBG.

Professional indemnity insurance:

The attorneys and patent attorneys are covered by professional indemnity insurance taken out with AXA Versicherungs AG, Colonia-Allee 10-20, 51067 Köln, Germany. This insurance coverage applies worldwide.

Responsible for content under press laws and Section 55 RStV (German Interstate Treaty for Broadcasting and Telemedia):

Dr. jur. Julian Eberhardt


The information on this website is provided solely as general information; it does not contain any legal advice or expert opinion. Eisenführ Speiser Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB will not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or disadvantage arising from using the information on this website.

We carefully check the content of external links, but will not accept any liability for said content. Responsibility for the content of linked websites is borne exclusively by those operating such sites.


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Opposition to advertising mails:

We expressly oppose hereby any use of published contact data by third parties for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertising or information material. Eisenführ Speiser Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB reserves the right to take legal action against the unsolicited sending of advertising information, for example in the form of spam mails.

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