5th edition of the commentary on the EU-trademark has been published

The 5th edition of the commentary on the EU trademark (formerly known as community trademark) by Dipl.-Ing. Günther Eisenführ and Dr. Detlef Schennen has been published.

The new edition illustrates the European trademark reform, which became effective in 2016. Furthermore, the authors commentate numerous of decisions made by the ECJ, EGC and the EUIPO boards of appeal.

In addition to Patent attorney Günther Eisenführ following attorneys-at-law of Eisenführ Speiser provided contributions to the new edition: Dr. Julian Eberhardt, Harald Förster, Yvonne Holderied, Stefanie Overhage and Ulrich Sander.

The commentary has been published by Carl Heymanns Verlag and is available here (i.a.).