Nullification and Defence of Intellectual Property

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Safeguard freedom of action for your business

We also have experienced experts to assist you in nullifying wrongly granted IP rights. Before lodging opposition or an action for revocation, the first step is to monitor and analyse the situation precisely. What are the prospects for success? Are other relevant grants of IP to be expected during the period for opposition, for example? In such cases – and of course in the event of you having to defend your own IP – you will gain from the combined efforts of both attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys, thus resulting in an unusual concentration of legal and technical expertise.

The following members of the firm will advise you on the specific matter involved and can put together the right team to meet your needs.

Your contact persons:

Dipl.-Ing. Mark
Andres, Bremen
Ehlers, LL.M., Hamburg
Förster, Bremen
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Rainer
Fritsche, Munich
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus G.
Göken, Bremen
Dipl.-Phys. Dr. jur. Volkmar
Henke, Hamburg
Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen
Klinghardt, Hamburg
Dipl.-Chem. Dr. rer. nat. Uwe
Stilkenböhmer, Bremen