IP Portfolio Analysis

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What is the value of your intellectual property?

In today’s ‘information society’, intellectual property is becoming an increasingly important asset. Industrial protective rights increase the value of a company and facilitate access to capital at lower cost. We are one of the few patent attorney firms in Germany to offer detailed IP portfolio analysis and a monetary evaluation of IP assets – well-founded, sober, powerful and flexibly adapted to your specific situation. Our experts will elaborate specific recommendations that will support you in capitalising your IP portfolio as intangible assets.

The following members of the firm will advise you on the specific matter involved and can put together the right team to meet your needs.

Your contact persons:

Dipl.-Phys. Dr. rer. nat. Ludger
Eckey, Berlin
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus G.
Göken, Bremen
Dipl.-Phys. Frank
Meier, Hamburg