Obituary for Ulrich Sander († 15.07.2018)

The silence makes us aware
of the fleeting nature of life.
Yet the soul lives on!

It is with deep regret that we learned of the death of our much-valued colleague, friend and partner, Ulrich Sander, who passed away wholly unexpectedly on 15.07.2018 at the age of only 58.

Not only have we lost, in Ulrich Sander, a dedicated and committed colleague and partner, but also a dependable friend who put his knowledge and skill at the service of our firm over a period of many years.

Ulrich Sander took his first degree at the Sports University of Cologne before going on to study law at the University of Bremen and joining Eisenführ Speiser in April 1991. He played a key role in the success of the firm, not only as a young attorney-at-law, but also and especially as a partner from 1998 onwards. Ulrich Sander’s professional involvement was by no means confined to our own firm – as Chairman of the Expert Committee for Intellectual Property at the Hanseatic Bar Association in Bremen, he was also engaged in the profession outside the firm. Furthermore, he represented the interests of the firm on a regular basis at national and international conferences, where he was greatly liked and appreciated by clients and colleagues for his sincerity and humour.

Ulrich Sander was specialised in trademark, competition and design law, handled international litigation matters, in addition to trademark searches and the development of trademark strategies for various major clients. His sharp-minded and astute way of working made him a brilliant attorney. This is documented not only by the professional successes he achieved, but also by the press, which recently counted him yet again as one of the best German attorneys in the field of intellectual property.

Not only did Ulrich Sander put his knowledge to paper, he also passed it on gladly to others – be it as the co-author of the highly acclaimed commentary on the European Trade Mark Regulation, which he wrote with our firm’s founder, Günther Eisenführ, or as the co-author of ‘Recent Case Law in German Trademark Law’, which he produced with other attorneys in the firm.

The unexpected death of Ulrich Sander has made us all painfully aware of the fleeting nature of life and of how quickly it may end. He departed this life far too early. We will cherish the memory of Ulrich Sander – for his works and his character will never be forgotten!

We deeply mourn his passing.
All attorneys and employees